Best love songs of 2006

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You can be heavy with melody, and heavy without bashing someone over the head. Even when it's not overtly quiet-loud, it's still quiet-loud with Deftones. Perhaps no other song in that extensive catalog demonstrates this nature of their songs as 'My Own Summer Shove It.

Best love songs of 2006

A proposed album of love songs was in the works around when the Bee Gees recorded their own versions of " Heartbreaker " and " Emotion ", but that project was soon shelved and those recordings remained unavailable until the release of Their Greatest Hits: Chino Moreno is on top of his vocal game on this cut with his intense verses and the infectious 'Shedding your skin' chorus.

Best love songs of 2006

Best love songs of 2006

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  1. It was also a signpost for the fact that the Deftones could write a commercial viable song. It was almost a gateway song for the 'Tones, incorporating the crunch and the rhythmic, rap vocal patterns that earmarked 'Adrenaline' with the fine-tunedness of 'Around the Fur' with the artsy nature of 'White Pony.


    But make no mistake; this was not nu metal by any stretch. Share on Facebook Deftones have perfected the quiet-loud dynamic in hard rock.

    By the time Love Songs was released, there had been several Bee Gees compilations on the market as well as their entire back catalog, so this release seemed somewhat redundant. Our list is heavy on 'Around the Fur' and 'White Pony' songs, as those albums truly represent the band's artistic and commercial pinnacle.

    City of Angels' Soundtrack A bit of a lost gem that casual fans may not be super familiar with or remember, this jam remains a favorite among Deftones diehards. It's choppy, chunky and full of chest-beating energy.

    There is a neo nu wave mood undulating throughout, and miraculously, the song remains heavy, albeit in a different way, despite the fact that Moreno keeps a slow, restrained, non-screaming tempo throughout.

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