Best day trip from san francisco

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It goes from Castroville to Pacific grove, and is well maintained and tarmacked. There are several wonderful beaches, some, like Mavericks off Pillar Point, popular among surfers.

Best day trip from san francisco

There are many beautiful trails through the Reserve, the Discovery Trail being one of the most popular. Immigration Station as a processing station for almost a million of immigrants, mostly Chinese. Take a stroll to the Marin Headlands, a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, where you will see some of the world's oldest coastal redwoods.

Best day trip from san francisco

Best day trip from san francisco

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  1. The wine and beer lists include a number of great local favorites. There are a number of excellent trails through the park, the most popular being the Wildcat Creek Trail and Nimitz Way.

    You can take short hikes on paved trails to enjoy the trees and wildlife, spend a week in one of many camps, take advantage of ranger-led tours or visit the mysterious Crystal Cave.

    Fortunately, there is immense natural beauty within easy striking distance of San Francisco. The Museum also has a fleet of 17 maintenance cars used between and such as cranes, flangers, snowplows and fire truck on rails.

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