Antony and cleopatra analysis

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The luxurious pomp and gorgeous extravagance of the Egyptian queen are displayed in all their force and lustre, as well as the irregular grandeur of the soul of Mark Antony. In order to protect herself, Cleopatra hides in her monument and sends word to him that she has committed suicide.

Antony and cleopatra analysis

Antony and Cleopatra When Written: But, the attendant kills himself instead, so that Antony must fall upon his own sword. As the play ends, Cleopatra, thinking of joining Antony while also of defeating Caesar by robbing him of conquering her, kills herself with the help of poisonous snakes smuggled to her in a basket of figs.

Antony and cleopatra analysis

Antony and cleopatra analysis

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  1. It is at this moment that Enobarbus, Antony's once-loyal servant and friend, decides that Antony has finally lost his mind altogether and deserts him to join Caesar.

    Then Caesar betrays Lepidus as well, accuses him of treason, imprisons him, and takes all that he owns, including his land. Antony's headstrong presumption and infatuated determination to yield to Cleopatra's wishes to fight by sea instead of land, meet a merited punishment; and the extravagance of his resolutions, increasing with the desperateness of his circumstances, is well commented upon by Oenobarbus:

    The character of Cleopatra is a masterpiece. Antony curses her for her alleged treachery, only to forgive her moments later.

    He was an immediate success:


    The rich and poetical description of her person beginning-- "The barge she sat in, like a burnish'd throne, Burnt on the water; the poop was beaten gold, Purple the sails, and so perfumed, that The winds were love-sick"-- seems to prepare the way for, and almost to justify the subsequent infatuation of Antony when in the sea-fight at Actium, he leaves the battle, and "like a doating mallard" follows her flying sails.

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