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This case first aired on the December 23, episode. Her ears are pierced.


Amanda Barber is a true crime buff and Robert Stack enthusiast who dreams of writing a book about the many mysteries of her home state of Minnesota. Before her death, the police had wanted to question her again about Anthonette's disappearance but her death complicated their investigation. In , Penny went to a Navajo medicine woman, in hopes of learning more about Anthonette's whereabouts.



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  1. However, she did not recognize the man's voice. The call gave her family hope that she may still be alive.

    She noted that the couple had rather unkempt appearances, possibly from struggling with the girl.

    When Anthonette went to answer the door, the person said that it was "Uncle Joe".

    On the night of April 6, , Penny left the girls with a babysitter and went drinking at a local bar. She was a fourth-grader at Lincoln Elementary School at the time of her disappearance, and is described as mature and responsible for her age.

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