Affectionate def

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The nature of affection consists really of the work energy spent that every individual carries out in benefit of the others. We say that we "give affection" or we "receive affection".

Affectionate def

Collins offers, without etymology or example, often capital mainly US a term of endearment Wiktionary gives one definition as US A term of endearment for someone small and cute. In summary, our knowledge of affection allows us to point out some clear characteristics: But now we still need to say what is affection, what is this something that we call affection and that it has, among others, the properties that we have seen.

Affectionate def

Affectionate def

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  1. Of course, there are very many ways of providing affection, given that a person can carry out a lot of diverse activities that benefit the other people. But what does it mean to help to survive?

    Considering the use that we make of the word 'affection' in every day's life, it can be inferred that affection is something that can be given to others. Nevertheless, the fact of emitting affective signs doesn't assure a future transmission of affection in all cases, because this will depend on the real working capacity that the transmitter has.

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