Abdi nasir

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I boarded a public transport vehicle from a nearby bus stop. Returning home Upon completing his university education in , Abdinasir returned to Belet Weyne, with the desire to continue teaching and to help improve education standards in his home region, which had been ravaged by conflict.

Abdi nasir

He often had to dodge bullets to reach the few schools that were still operational. Some months after that particular incident, Abdinasir experienced serious financial problems, leading him to take on a part-time teaching job to make ends meet and ensure he could afford to continue his studies.

Abdi nasir

Abdi nasir

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  1. Finishing his primary and secondary studies, he moved in to the national capital, Mogadishu, where he enrolled at Simad University for his undergraduate studies.

    Even then, education — his own, in this instance — was important to him.

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